A Berry Spoon


A Berry Spoon

This sort of thing is known in the trade as a ‘Berry Spoon’ – a rather pretty but deeply unhygienic serving spoon. This one is not silver (no hallmark) and we assume it is ‘plate’. It has a registration mark on the back that is legible, but can we find out what it means? No we can’t - (please see photo below)  If anyone out there can interpret this please let us know. We guess that it is late Victorian or Edwardian (late 19th or early 20th century)

To call this a Berry spoon is a bit of a misnomer actually – for in the decorative bowl we have found things that are certainly not berries – such as ears of corn. There are acorns, grapes, apple, pear and a pomegranate; and there is a thistle, a rose and shamrock (Scotland, England, Ireland we presume - but no leek or daffodil for Wales thus cutting down our market by approximately 2,903,085 people) and all this crammed into the bowl of one measly spoon,

It is 9¼ inches in length and is solid - as opposed to flimsy.

What more perfect utensil for dishing out that trifle you found in elsewhere on this site?

We will listen to offers on this spoon... you can offer more than the asking price, or less - its up to you! Visit the Manager's Office.

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