Palmistry For All


Well you will either find this book fascinating beyond belief or, like us you will open it, read one sentence and fall of your chair in a stupor... 

However if you are dressing up as Mistake Meg telling fortunes for your local school fair or garden fête this is the perfect prop. The fact that it is old and dirty and the spine is missing will give the impression that you have read it many times over and that the expertise that is held within will thus have miraculously transferred itself from page to brain (or something) 
(Enough of this ramble - Editor.)

You would think wouldn't you that Herbert Jenkins who published this book would at least to have the whit to find someone capable of drawing a hand properly but no...... the illustrations are either done by a monkey or by someone with very poor eyesight.  However it is only fair to point out that Herbert Jenkins had some very strange judgement indeed.  Not only did he agree to publish this book, he also made his own logo look exactly like George Bernard Shaw upside-own - see one of our photos for proof.
(I said "Enough of this ramble" - Editor ) 

By Cheiro
about 187 pages of rambling twaddle (see above - Editor) 
7 x 5 inches
Dirty, spine missing, one page loose 

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