Corgi Toy - BLUEBIRD


Speed records on land and water send our entire team into a deep coma so we offer this model of Donald Campbell’s Bluebird Proteus with no regrets whatsoever.  It has wheels so we assume it was designed for a land speed attempt or two …….. and he presumably called it BlueBird because such creatures were said to bring happiness, cheerfulness, prosperity, good health and confidence.  A dead bluebird symbolises disillusionment, loss of innocence, and of transformation from youthful naivety to wiser old age. So as Campbell was killed in a boat also called BlueBird all we can say is “How true, how very true”

This is a toy made by Corgi and has been well played with – however enough of the original remains to make a man and his anorak truly happy.  Inspect the photos for condition.

About 5 inches long.


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