Wedgwood Marigold Plate


This lovely Wedgwood plate, dating we believe from the middle of the 19th century is in the Marigold pattern. It is cracked right across the middle which is brilliant because it means you can enjoy it without having to worry about breaking it! All the pleasure without the anxiety what could be better? It looks great hanging on a wall (preferably in a shady corner) and it comes with its own antique hanger one of those springy things that those geezers on the Antiques Roadshow cluck about. We are loth to take it off for fear the plate will fall in two! Other faults . Just a little snick in the glaze a chip-ette you might call it - at one point on the crack-line. Look carefully at our photo can you see it?

Smashing eh?

Measures 10 inches in diameter.

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