Lustreware scent bottle


Q. How much do we know about scent bottles?

A. Absolutely nothing - but we do know that tradionally these things have a lid.  The purpose of the lid is - so we have been told - to stop the scent a) from falling out of the bottle when you knock it over and b) from evaporating (assuming that you have not knocked it over).

The problem with this lovely bottle is that it does not have a lid.  We toyed with the idea of stuffing in bit of cork into the aperture but we are far too lazy. 

Therefore this exquisite little bottle is jolly olly cheap. 

It is completely full of emptiness.

We suggest you use it as a joss stick or incense stick holder or somesuch - depending on your inclination.

About 8 cm high and 42 cm in circumference - ish - well you try measuring the circumference of a recalcitrant scent bottle!

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