Ant Lorenz Pipe Bowl


Ceci est une pipe

Ant Lorenz is written on the bowl along with various other bits of (to us) illegible writing. Mouth piece missing

Carved from a single piece of bulbous wood that looks to us a bit like walnut but not being experts we have not the foggiest……… neither do we care.

The silver-coloured lid snaps open and shut – presumably so that you can put the pipe – still alight - in your pocket…. However we suspect that due to the ventilation gaps at the side of said lid combustion was not extinguished, a hole was burned in the aforementioned pocket and out fell the pipe – which is how it comes to be here on Cybergrot.  This is probably worth far more to a collector than the measly £8 we are asking for it. 

Roll up, roll up …….. (er no… wrong product – ed.)



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