WW2 Gas Mask


Well now we know there are collectors of World War II stuff out there and that there are loads of Gas Masks for sale here there and everywhere ……… most of which boast being “as new” “unused condition in original box” and so on.  The issue surely is this:  if you are truly interested in historic stuff why buy it as new?  How stupid is that? It is the fact that it has seen action that makes it interesting. Now take a look at our gas mask – dated 14/8/39 it has been so well used it has almost reached the point of extinction – yet it is all there (or at least we believe so)  – dirty, rusty and bashed.  Original tapes for fixing still in place (well most of them). 

As well as the date there is the word POPPE and also Lot 8860 or 860D or somesuch – who cares?

A snip at £17 and the postage price merely reflects the fact that it is quite heavy…all that charcoal in the filter perhaps?

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