African Comb


There are certain objects that, maybe one does not want to acquire second hand – tooth brushes spring to mind, as do chewing gum,  toilet paper, sandwiches and so on.  Combs are another.

However despite such prejudices we are bravely offering an exquisite old wooden comb.  This almost undoubtedly hails from West Africa where they are known to date back at least to the 14th century.  Not that we are making claims of that sort for ours although it would not surprise us if some expert pronounced it to be 100 years old or so (no promises mind you)

Apparently each part of these combs had a particular meaning or cultural significance – the shape of the handle, the decoration on the body (in this case we find a small fish) and the shape of the tines and so on.

Enough of this lecture.

This is an old West African wooden comb

It measures about 9½ x 3 inches

We don’t know what the wood is.

We don’t know how old it is.

It is decorated with small fish.

In spite of being a second hand comb we like it.


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