Go on – give your loved one shingles! Buy them this nearly new pair of ‘Shingling’ clippers – from the 1950s or maybe earlier (see below). Mysteriously the box has “Alco” on it – we assume that you should only use these if in an alcoholic stupor - or in other words you should only use these shinglers p*ssed.  (Eeeeeowgh, sorry, worse than usual).

Original box a tad grubby. Shinglers relatively pristine.

Made in Germany,


For those of you who are young or ignorant or both, a shingle is a thin piece of wood often used as a roof tile. It comes from the late Latin scindula, (altered by influence of the Greek schidax "lath" or schindalmos "splinter") from the Latin scandula "roof tile”. The alteration is influenced by the Latin scindere "to cleave, or split”.

Hence a type of woman's short haircut – from 1924 - that vaguely resembled overlapping shingles or roof tiles.

We expect you are glad we told you that and will be testing you on it later.


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