A Butter Dish



This is it! 

The present everyone will like… well okay then not everyone, we admit your 9 year old nephew would HATE to be given this….

But it is a jolly nice thing and just in case you were wondering what a dish that has a cow on the top of it and is shaped like a butter-churn is, the makers Falconware have very kindly written Butter on the side of it. Of course you could always be frightfully witty and put something else in it… - say for example you wanted to butter someone up… you could always fill it with sparkling jewels, or chocolate or something…

Sadly it has a small (invisible) crack that means that it will do better in the china cabinet than for table use – and there is a wee chip on the base that is only visible if you turn it upside-down and we can assure you that Daisy atop does not like people doing that.


Falcon Ware dates from 1925 and in 1928 they changed their back stamp so our guess is that this was made between those dates. 


Diameter of base 5¼ inches, diameter of lid 4 inches.




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