A Classical Toffee Tin


Ah! What beauty to behold!

Forget Phidias, forget Michelangelo, forget Sir Sploshua Reynolds…forget Canova (“That’s enough forgets”– shop manager)

For classical grace and elegance, for strength of drawing and inherent charm this Holland’s Toffee tin has no parallels.  Underneath are the words ‘Best on Earth’ …. Yes well….

It is octagonal in shape with each stunning facet presenting an awesome depiction in grisaille* of an ancient Greek goddess.

Happy clappy Hera may have a tambourine but we think it is more likely a plate she is about to sling – she is after all the goddess of marriage

Artemis goddess of hunting blows her horn (alternatively sups a yard of ale) and incidentally we are selling a couple of horns – have you found them yet?

Hestia, goddess of the hearth & home, here seems to be feeding morsels to the wrong end of a cat.

Aphrodite goddess of love and lust and so on is holding a garland of flowers (or she may have just taken off her real fur stole and if so what is she going to do with it next?)

Athena goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill and all that, is handing a child something indeterminate… we think it might be a pomegranate that she has just filched from Persephone next door.

Persephone has a lyre – she seems to have lost the pomegranate she is normally shown with.

Demeter goddess of agriculture is shown as a shepherdess with a pet wolf

Rhea is perhaps the most dire of all

This tin has a number of dents and scratches – nothing too serious.

6¼ inches high,  4½ inches across the base.

What more perfect gift for a Classicist, an Art Historian or a Greek person? 


* euggggh we really can’t be bothered.  Guess, or look it up yourself.

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