9 Cigarette Cards showing First World War Army Leaders


These Cigarette cards are dated 1916 & 1917 and show Army Leaders of the day. 

These are the men whose appalling blunders caused untold carnage.

These cards are not for those of you who spend your time seeking out pristine, ‘as new’ ciggy cards – you should know by now that you won’t find that sort of thing on Cybergrot. Imperfection is our middle name and these cards are well worn, a bit bashed, slightly grubby and they are the real thing. There is surely something soulless about a cigarette card that is 90 years old and looks as if it was made yesterday? We think so anyway. These could well have been from ciggys smoked by the troops in the trenches, or by the munitions workers at home. The card, stuffed into the pocket, to be found stained and crumpled at a later date. After that, years of being swapped and sorted, counted, dropped on the floor, blown into a puddle by a freak breeze, these things have all taken their toll.

In new condition these are not. Interesting? Yes they are. Now is the time to collect First World War memorabilia – it is still out there but not for much longer. We on Cybergrot have several other interesting WWI items – a book, post cards, trench art….

The small print

These were given away by Wills cigarettes

They are part of a set of 50

These are numbers:

2: General Wielemans

3: General de Castelnau

6: Marshal Joffre

8: General Nivelle

18: F.-M. Sir D. Haig G.C.B

41: General Brusiloff

46: General Lechitsky

47: General Ruzsky

48: H.M.King of Serbia



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