Old Drawing


This is a small original drawing.  It shows a woman pouring liquid into a bowl……. We hope this is milk for her cat. “What cat?” we hear you cry “We can’t see any cat”. Obviously the cat is on the floor and has not been included stupid.  We guess the drawing is either 19th or early 20th century ……. But it could be earlier although the paper it is done on appears to be machine rather than handmade and it bears no watermark….. or not one we can find at any rate.  But we are not paper experts.

If by someone famous it could be quite valuable…. However we suggest you to buy it because you like it, not as an investment.

Has the word Singleton scrawled in pencil on the back and School of Morland on its mount. 

One of our number has just pointed out that the artist had clearly been looking at works by Leonardo da Vinci – to which there can be only one response…..all together now………..


Not framed

Measures 3½ inches by 5 inches


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