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If you like OLD ART look no further…. We think this is one of a set depicting the four seasons - this one being Spring.  We suspect that the perpetrator of this demonstration of ineptitude probably showed it to his/her friends and was so crushed by their mirth that he/she decided not to complete the set, gave up painting entirely and spent the rest of his/her life gazing gloomily out of the window.

We reckon it is 19th century. It is oil on canvas which has been stuck to a board.

 We know there are many collectors of such things out there and if you are one, we invite you to don your rose-tinted spectacles. This picture really has some charming(ish) bits and we particularly like the snail attempting a quick getaway in the foreground. 

Now put on your hat of fantasy and imagination and tell yourself that the bituminous blobs and scrawls on the back of this panel in fact cover up a stolen renaissance masterpiece …………………. Dream on…………………

Condition? Look at the photo carefully. There is the odd bash and it is – to put it mildly – grubby.

We have some experience in these matters and have come across pictures that have been painted to look dirty in order to deceive.  This, we believe, is not one of them. 

Folk art yes, fake art no.  No promises however.

 Measures 15½ inches by 11 inches and comes with a manky string so you can pop it straight up on your wall.

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