Bat Hook


We suspect that 99% of you who arrive on this page having googled “buy bat hook” are going to be bitterly disappointed as there is no way you could use this for mountaineeringSo we fear we have caused an avalanche of disappointed rock climbers…..Be that as it may…. We think this (brass?) Bat Hook is vastly superior to some scabby crag -hook. 

Our guess is that it is a one off, handcrafted piece ………Why?  If it had been made in a mould surely more trouble would have been taken with the drawing, the detail and the symmetry?  It’s batty, we like it.

And for those of you searching for a christening present…. It is worth bearing in mind that the Chinese character meaning ‘bat’ sounds exactly the same as that for ‘blessing’.   Or so we have been told. 

Wing tip to wing tip 5 inches.

Some sort of metal. Brass or possibly bronze.

We think this is old.  

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