Cowboy Donald Duck


Yes, we admit it; is the site selling things that any sane person would have thrown away years ago… This makes what we have to offer often extremely rare! This picture is a case in point.

Cowboy Donald Duck rides Pluto as he chases a rabbit into a low tunnel… his 3 nephews watch from above…

The typeface would indicate (we think) a date in the 1930s – (Donald first appears in a Mickey Mouse annual of 1931)

A sneaky peek under the paper at the back and we can find out what this is – wait for it – ………………………………..

It’s a



'Cut out each piece from the coloured gummed sheet and stick it according to number in its corresponding place on the other side of the sheet.'

So there we have it – a collage assembled by a small child.

The proud parent did not obey the next instruction:

When you have finished the picture, pierce two holes at the top and thread a coloured string or ribbon through them for a hanger.’ 

Oh no – they went one better and got it framed!

This sophisticated educational item was made in England by Tower Press (who are famous for producing jigsaws from the 1930s to 1969) and they offer ‘Hours of Enjoyment’ with 5 others in the series….Snow White finds new friends, Bambi and his playmates, Admiral Donald Duck, Pluto’s New Kennel and Pluto’s Bath time - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm we must look out for those!

Frame 10 x 8 inches.

Condition grubby

Back torn

Original frame and string

Why not try to collect the whole set?

How does one price an unique object put together with such skill?  We think it is worth a lot more than the £18 we are asking but, reasonable people that we are, we will be happy to negotiate.  Just visit the Manager's Office

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