Sherborne Castle by S & N Buck


Well now, as any fool knows Samuel and Nathaniel Buck travelled the country (that is the UK for those of you reading this in Christmas Island) making drawings of romantic ruins which they later engraved and sold.

These are commonly known as Buck’s Antiquities although we would argue that the apostrophe is in the wrong place….. Be that as it may, Sam and Nath had their heads screwed on as they dedicated the print to the local big-wig…. Although whether they got paid to do this we know not.  There may well be a Phd thesis on the subject of the Bucks languishing in an archive somewhere, but even if some interfering reader tells us where it is, we are not going to read it… and all we can say is READ IT YOURSELF.

This is a particularly fine original print of Sherborne Castle in Dorset dated 1733 and dedicated to the Rt Hon William Lord Digby.


16 x 9 inches

 We think our asking price is eminently reasonable but the price negotiator’s door is always open.


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