School Photo (c.1919)


A School photo dating from the First World War?

This seems to show a boys school – a prep school perhaps?  The headteacher traditionally sits in a central position and here, unusually, it is a woman with a baby on her lap and there is a young army officer in the background.

We guess the date of this picture must be about 1919.  If anyone knows better please get in touch – maybe someone out there will recognise the buildings in the background? 

This is printed in brown – sepia presumably.  In a plain wooden frame – the original -with a fine Boots trade paper on the back.  Even the hanging wire seems to be original.

What is something like this worth – packed with historical reference and faces of people long dead…

We are asking £19 for reasons of symmetry and because we think it is rather special… ……however we are willing to discuss this - just visit our Manager's Office and make an offer.



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