Dog with Bone 1809 Engraving by Samuel Howitt


This genuine engraving was made 1809 – as the watermark J Whatman will verify – you know Whatman – that very famous paper-maker – paper used by Napoleon Bonaparte to write his will and our own Queen Victoria (the lady not the pub) to write her letters.  Yes that Whatman. What!

(These little nuggets of information we provide to you free, gratis and for nothing will do nothing we fear, to persuade you of the merits of this little etching by Samuel Howitt.) 

Small snarling spaniel type dog defends his bone against great big mastiff thingy. 

The vagueness in our descriptions of the dogs, dear reader is not because we are dog-unfriendly or even – perish the thought – dog-ignorant.   It is merely that in the couple of hundred years since this etching was made, dog breeding has led to extremes and therefore more easily identifiable breeds.

This is almost undoubtedly a page from a book – in really rather good condition for its age….

Do you know someone who defends his/her possessions against the odds? 


Printed area about 6½ x 5½ inches.

We expect at this price you will bite our hand off at the wrist but if you want to fight, why not visit our price negotiator's office?


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