Engraving of Bay's Water City Conduit


This original print of the BAY’S WATER CITY CONDUIT dates from 1798 and has been taken from a copy of The Gentlemans’ Magazine (not by us).  It has been partly hand-coloured.   It shows a noble building that was repaired in the 17th and again in the 18th century – “a famed conduit fituate in the fields….in a hamlet to the parish of Paddington……………. This aqueduct was made to supply Kensington palace is round, cafed thick with ftone and in the upper fpiral part they lap over each other tile-like and are faftened together with iron cramps." We are sure you are dying to read on …….. and should you wish to do so we will happily supply the words…….. but as most of you have by now glazed over……we will call it a day.

It’s a day.

The lower part of the print shows various oddities which are identified in the text (not supplied) as being things like a token for the Red Lion pub and a penny from the time of Henry III.  This engraving is therefore not without some considerable antiquarian interest. 

Maybe this conduit still exists? Let us know if it does!

Print measures 8 x 5 inches.

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