An old print of Chepstow


Chepstow Castle by C.V.Fielding 1821

This is a print of Chepstow Castle by C.V.Fielding – an English 19th century artist. It says C.V. Fielding in the bottom left. It was published in London on June 6th 1821 by T.Clay, 18 Ludgate Hill. The engraving plate was made by J.Sutherland.

It is hand-coloured.

This nice print has been badly treated and has yellowed somewhat – Look carefully at the sky and you will see that this discolouration is not evenly distributed.

We imagine that a paper conservator could sort this out! This is a nice thing that could be made very nice with a bit of expertise!

It is currently in a nasty modern frame – but we would not include this – save you a fortune on postage.

Will post world wide but we rather hope that someone who lives in Chepstow will buy it!

To make us an offer… please visit the Manager’s Office.


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