Are you called Hugh Evans?


Wesleyan Methodist

Twentieth Century Fund

The Name of

Hugh H.Evans, 17 Station Road, Talysarn

Is inscribed upon the historic Roll of the Wesleyan Methodist Twentieth Century Fund Instituted in 1898 to obtain Our Million guineas from Our Million Methodists for the purposes of our Wesleyan Methodist Church.The frame is a wood that has been plastered (unlike the Wesleyans) and then given a wood-grain look finish……. mmm nice.  There are a few small chips, regrettably not the edible variety.

Vignettes starting top left:  Dr. Coke, Bishop Asbury, John Wesley, Charles Wesley and Dr. Adam Clarke.  Vignette bottom left shows John Wesley preaching to some charmingly well behaved and well dressed Methodists. Vignette bottom right shows where the million guineas are needed - a hovel, poverty, inner city slums and one shabby chap setting fire to a house - fie oh fie.

All this printed partly in gold and featuring lilies among arabesques and poetically scrolling foliage.

Size with frame 15½ x 12½ inches

Footnote for the young and ignorant: A guinea was one pound and one shilling…

Our price negotiator will be happy to be woken from his slumbers to enter into some argy-bargy and will be particularly sympathetic to anyone called Hugh Evans or to anyone living in Station Road, Talysarn.

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