A photo of Glastonbury


This is a photo of a photo…. It is a new photo of an old photo, it is not an old photo. It may perhaps be a new print from an old negative quite frankly we neither know nor care.

Got that?

Many seemingly old photos that are for sale out there, are not old at all… and this is one of them. 

Nevertheless these things have some interest for what they show. In this case it is the famous town of Glastonbury – in the English county of Somerset.

Glastonbury has a spectacular ruined Abbey with an outrageously famous medieval kitchen, it has a dramatic Tor and a hugely impressive tithe barn. All around are sites associated with the legendary King Arthur …

It’s a very nice place actually.

So in around (we are guessing here) 1900 when our photographer decided to take a picture of Glastonbury … which of the above famous and beautiful sites did he choose?

 The High Street!

Spectacular? No. Architecturally dramatic? No. Scenic even? No… the word that springs to mind is mundane.

Actually as you may have already noticed, we at Cybergrot.com quite like the mundane ……. We recognise the charm of the ordinary we rejoice in the banal….we ….Okay we will stop this ramble now. The photo is a modern reproduction, mildly charming – and jolly cheap.

Size of photo: 8½ x 6 inches. Size of frame: 12½ x 10½ inches

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