Edmund Dulac's Picture Book for the French Red Cross


This fabulous tome is almost certainly a first edition produced in 1915 to raise funds for the Red Cross in France during the First World War… It contains well know stories (e.g. Cinderella, Bluebeard and Sinbad the Sailor) lusciously illustrated with 20 tipped-in plates.

Now listen you miserable lot out there, if this book were in better condition we would be charging twice as much.  The cover is grubby, the binding has seen better days, the plates are largely okay but some of them have got old folds in them (for example see the bottom left corner of the one of a camel “Behold the reward of those who meddle in other people’s affairs” below).

So don’t buy this and then moan at us afterwards…….  

As a war book the quality of the pages is a bit rough but the plates are super (in spite of the odd fold) and unlike most book sellers who describe their wares in a code that absolutely no one in the entire world understands (except other book sellers of course) we are selling this with a blunt description and plenty of pictures….

Don’t leave it too late – this one will go ……….

126 pages

8½ x 11 inches

And another thing – our camera got so excited by these pictures that it decided to enhance both brightness and colour. The originals are a tad more muted – and none the worse for that.

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