A Bad Child's Book of Beasts by H.Belloc


Child! Do not throw this book about:

Refrain from the unholy pleasure

Of cutting all the pictures out!

Preserve it as your chiefest treasure.


Hmm.  Margaret Ronald who received this for Christmas 1918 was either naughty, or illiterate or both for not only has she thrown the book about completely destroying the spine and nearly detaching the covers, she has also spilt her supper on the cover……. Having said that, this book first appeared 1896 and as this is undated it may be a first, or at any rate a very early edition.

The Bad Child’s Book of Beasts

Verses by H. Belloc

Pictures by Basil T Blackwood (B.T.B.)

Published by Duckworth and Co

3 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden

48 pages. Size 6½ x 8½ inches. Condition: pages okay, cover a bit dodgy.

Adult! Do not throw this book about

Or use it as a mat

For coffee rings and wine and things

Will make it look even worse than it does already.


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