What the Dickens?


Published in s.1895 by Chapman and Hall Ltd, London

With 40 illustrations by Hablot Knight Browne (1815-1882) – known as Phiz

This book is in an awful condition as the cover is missing… entirely

The binding is intact and the book itself is fine – considering it is over 100 years old.

It has nicely marbled edges.

Size 7.75 inches by 5 inches (19.5cms x 13cms)

We have various options:

1)we could chuck it on the fire where it would give us pleasure for perhaps 10 minutes

2)we could put it out to be recycled and it might get turned into toilet roll

3)some nice, caring, sensitive person out there in cyberspace could give it a new cover and a new lease of life and it would give hours of pleasure to many people in the future…

The choice is yours.........

(more photos below)

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