Schoolgirls' Adventure Book (1930s)


(Thrilling stories fully illustrated)

There are 21 - yes a magnificent 21 stories in this ripping tome...

Take just one … The Professor’s Pocket-book….

Not only do teenage friends Jean and Pat find and return a professor’s pocket book, they rescue a girl from a burly man with a whip: “I’ll larn ye, ye little minx” (see cover).  They then recognise the girl as the missing granddaughter of aforementioned professor and make a dash on a bike to restore said girl before the old boy kicks the bucket.  They get there just in time and he makes a full recovery (now there's a surprise).

And if that is not enough excitement for you, the VERY BIKE that they made their mercy dash on is also for sale on this site – visit Restoration Comedies and Tragedies!!!   (And if you believe that you will believe anything!)

This book has 20 more ripping yarns of similar calibre,  is lavishly illustrated largely in glorious black and white and is in reasonable condition.

We are not sure of the exact date but an inscription inside the front cover tells us that it was given to Jane for Xmas 1936 by her Auntie.

10.25 inches by 7.5 inches.

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