Trench Art Tobacco Pot


This nice tobacco pot has been made from First World War German shell cases. It is brass – (an alloy of copper and zinc - as eny fule kno) and the makers have helpfully told us that this particular mix is 67% copper. 

The pot has a tight fitting lid on which we find MAI 1915 DUSSELDORF Rh M F 150. On the base: PATRONEN FABRIK (cartridge factory) KARLSRUHE,(for the Geographically challenged that’s a place in South West Germany) NOV 1917

The sides are rather charmingly engraved with 1914 GRAND WAR 1919 on one face and TOBACCO on the other – the gaps between embellished with oak leaves.

The use of the word Grand instead of Great is a bit of a mystery – however giving 1919 as the end date of the war is okay – the Armistice terms were accepted by Germany on 11 November 1918 but the actual treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919.

The cases were loaded with explosive shells, or gas, and delivered by large field guns which had a long range. The shells exploded on impact. Our ordnance expert tells us that these cases were left behind and therefore not destroyed by the aforementioned explosions.

Diameter: 9cm

Height: 9.5cm

Weight: it is surprisingly heavy. (just under 2lb – we make that about 800gms provided we have got our noughts right) hence the hefty postage.


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