A Lead (?) Plaque


This is where we at Cybergrot are going to show our Achilles heel… for here we have a classical roundel (okay okay you pedants, not a roundel but an ovalel - shome mishtake here surely?) depicting some ole hero or other and we have not the faintest idea who it is.  ‘Oh surely not!’ we hear you cry, ‘Ye scholars of Cybergrot never fail us on matters of erudition’. 

Well we will now give you the facts.  This object measures 5 inches high and 4 inches wide.  It appears to be made of lead – it is very heavy for its size – we think it is too heavy to be spelter but are willing to be proved otherwise if some nice chemist can drag him/herself away from the Bunsen burner for a nanosecond and tell us how to test it.

It shows - in relief – the bust of a Greek/Roman hero complete with helmet with a dragon atop. He also sports a laurel wreath.

It’s a rather splendid thing – background is a bit scratched but lead is so soft this could be dealt with.

We fear this may have been gouged out of an architectural feature or a piece of furniture…. It could be put back in one… or niftily framed it would look great on a wall in your neoclassical drawing room next to the mantelshelf perhaps?

Age?  Our guess is 18th/19th century.  We doubt it is Renaissance or older …..perhaps someone out there knows?  

A bargain because we don’t know what it is!

PS We recommend you don't lick this - if is lead you will end up dead... or at least not very well.

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