Piece of old stained glass window


This is no ordinary piece of glass, it is a section of an ancient stained glass window – probably Victorian – showing a nice old book with a golden clasp. It would make a totally unique present for someone who is fond of books, churches, old things and stuff like that. It’s unique! It’s special and it’s really rather nice.  

Please be aware we have leaned it up against a window to take the first photo… the window has a vertical lead bar that you can see through the stained glass. You can also see some fig leaves outside the window (handy if your underwear goes missing) but we are not selling these – what you get is just the piece of painted/stained glass. 

It is asymmetrical – the second photo below is taken on a piece of white paper showing you the exact shape.

It measures about 7½ inches diagonally across at the widest point.


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