A very strange pot indeed


What a very strange object! 

Is it a teapot? 

Is it a jug? 

No… its superman…. (Well can you do this?)


Why anyone would want to make an object like this we do not know… why anyone would want to buy it… well we don’t know that either….

What we do know is that the makers name seems to have been William as this has been inscribed into the clay before the glaze was applied – you can just make this out in the photo (below) of the base  – top left.  Unless of course this chap’s name is William.  We neither know nor care…

This would make the perfect present for .. er .. for… oh well perhaps not….

Now for some facts: 

It is in perfect condition.

It measures 5.5 inches high (14cms) and about 8 and a bit over inches wide (21cms)

You want it!  Go on you know you do…

T’would look great on the shelf above the loo…

Be warned, if you try the price negotiator on this one he may well put the price UP.

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