Ye Olde English Customs - Knives to Grind


This bright little tea- plate is one of a series called Ye Olde English Customs.  We are selling five – most of which seem to be based on the traditional ‘Cries of London’ - this one being: ‘Any knives to Grind?’

It was made soon after 1940 by Burgess & Leigh (later known as Burleigh). Under the inscription on the back (see photo below) is their famous beehive back stamp.

The drawing and painting is entirely mid 20th century in style – hand coloured.

The other four we are selling are scattered around our shop - we are not quite sure where they are but we do know that they would look great on your workshop wall or whatever.  These tea plates are 6 inches in diameter.  Not guaranteed knife or dishwasher proof.

Condition – good.

Try an offer - you might get a cut price!

Here is some advice to Victorian Housewives. ‘Unless under very exceptional circumstances it is unwise to employ peripatetic chair-menders, knife-grinders, tinkers, or the like. A very favourite trick of the “needy knife-grinder” is to under take the sharpening of scissors for a stated sum, and then, having unscrewed them, to decline to put them together except at a greatly increased charge.’

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