Mama - a fairing


This is a choice object, so we decided to give you one.  Either of the following descriptions fit – all you have to do is choose which one fits best.

And then buy the thing.

 1) This little girly has dressed in her mama’s coat and hat. She puts her head on one side and simpers.  The statuette is about 6½ inches high. Coloured here and there – gilded too – though some has been worn away by the loving caresses of previous owners – the statuette is largely white. We think it is truly loathsome; in fact the only redeeming feature is that there is only one of it.  There should be a PAPA to go with it.  Happily we assume that this was broken long ago.

2) This charming statuette would grace any mantelshelf or china cupboard.  It shows a pretty blue-eyed, golden-haired, rosy-cheeked little girl who has dressed up in her mother’s clothes.  Ahh! How sweet. Her prettiness is emphasised by the fact that her hat and garments are all un-coloured. This ornament is about 6½ inches high and would make a perfect gift for someone who collects 19th or early 20th century memorabilia.  And you could then look out for the matching PAPA

There is a small hole in her drapery – we think this happened in the firing.  Underneath the number 2749 has been incised into the clay and the number 40 has been stamped.  We are assuming that this monstrosity was made in Europe as the number 7 has been struck through.

A very helpful man has just written in:

“I hate to be rude, but I would like to correct you. A fairing is NOT a cheap item brought back from a fair. Bad joke. A fairing is a windshield for a motorcycle. Check out:

Thanks for the tip JimBoy Hotbike……If you try to put our fairing on the front of your motorbike it certainly won’t last long.......


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