2 Cupid plates


Its lucky isnít it that we donít all like the same things?

However we have it on good authority that there are people out there who would give their eye teeth for them.

If cupids and revealingly draped ladies are your thing you will just love these, and they have handy string-holes on the back, indicating that you are being invited to hang these on your wall. We think this is sensible as washing congealed egg yolk out of the crannies could be mildly tedious.

Quite frankly we think these two German Jasperware style plates suck. 

This is why we are selling them at a ridiculously low price as we canít wait to get them off our shelves.†

15 cm in diameter

Seemingly perfect.

Number stamps on the back Ė rather hard to read.


For those of you who like reading the small print Jean-Baptiste Stahl invented a sort of version of Jasperware (Wedgwood donítcha know?) He made decorative ceramic plaques by building up three-dimensional figures in white translucent porcelain on a background of blue or green.† Very skilled and mildly ghastly.† We donít think these two plaques are by the great man himself as he usually signed his work, so they must be by some sort of follower type thingy.

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