Heart Paper weight thingy


Miracles of modern science are all very well but we have spent long enough trying to get the photo of this fabulous glass heart paperweight thingy the right colour.  Can we do it?  No we can’t!  So we have given up. 

We know from experience that few of our readers get to the end of our prose but for those that do, please note: the colour of this lump of glass is lilac veering towards pink one minute and blueish the next..  Odd or what?  It seems to depend on where you put it....

It is a good item, perfect, heavy quality and utterly vile…. Heavy enough to cause considerable damage if hurled at your loved one's head ten years down the line......

Well if we liked it we would keep it wouldn’t we?  The mother of the person that made it probably thinks it is beautiful and hopefully many others of you out there will think the same….

 Just the job for February 14th…. Stock up now… we only have the one…

Weighs in at about 14 oz and measures about 8 cm in diameter.

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