Wilton Columbia Pewter Plate


Now for a bit of a Cybergrot rant.

We think the sentiment on this pewter plate stinks. 

 Health – yes definitely

 Love – yes (we suppose so) .........but

Wealth? Come off it….. we all know that the best things in life are free.  Why Wealth for goodness sake? What’s wrong with Happiness?….Okay there may be too many letters to fit in the space allowed but they could have made the plate bigger couldn’t they? 

Fie fie and shame on you Wilton-Columbia plate manufacturers of Pasadena. Shame!

This pewter plate is not one of the best things in life and is therefore not free, and while we heartily disapprove of much of the sentiment expressed we are nevertheless prepared to part with it for the paltry sum of £15. 

 Negotiations welcome.

 Marked on the bottom Wilton-Columbia PA with a RWP stamp.


Approx. 9 inches diameter

20-25 years old.

In good nick considering…….


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