Wedding Teapot


Now listen up folks.  Wedding lists are boring!  Ignore them.  Do you really want to buy that listed bath mat with matching face flannel and lavatory brush?  No you don’t.  Break away from the request for the ubiquitous toaster…. Ignore the pleas for a coffee table from Horrids…. This teapot is the answer.  

We have no idea how old it is but we suspect the answer is “not very”.  In perfect condition apart from acceptable crazed glazing.  The teapot is in the shape of a draped table spotted with golden bells and horseshoes and so on…And atop – well modelled and very well painted we find a champagne bottle, a ‘Congratulations to a Special Couple’ card, invitation cards, a wrapped present and a large slice of cake on a plate… mmmmmmmmmmmm nice.

It measures 7 inches from nose to tail and just less than 6 inches from toe to poll.

We suggest that it should be regarded as decorative rather than functional.

Made by Cardew (factory closed in 2008)


We have tried to price this fairly but have failed to find another…. We are willing to negotiate ………

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