Wedgwood: Cupid and Psyche


This mildly awful Wedgwood dish was given to Cybergrot by one of its many grateful customers in recognition of our celebrated position as the world’s No 1 supplier of gifts both gross and ghastly.

This subtle wedding present has undertones of sexual deviance:  Psyche – winged, winsome (and worried about what the giant butterfly above her head is about to do) – is mysteriously tied to the slightly suggestive torso of a tree.

Cupid, small and pudgy, approaches with his bow and arrow. 

What will happen next?

The outcome of this combo of bondage and pointy implements has been anticipated by the other cupid who, nauseated turns away, while the cheery grapevine motif around the edge hints that the application of alcohol is a likely concomitant.

Probably dating from the 1970s. 10 inches long Made in England by Wedgwood. Perfect condition if slightly soiled. In original mildly grubby box

(Pedants will know of course that psyche Ψυχή is Greek for ‘soul’ however in Ancient Greece psyche referred to that ethereal aspect of humans that is not part of our physical being - and also to breath. By extension it was also the word used for a butterfly. Are we at Cybergrot scholarly or what?)   

Buy this quick before we are sick on it.

£16 (spelt sicksteen)



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