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As you know (and if you don’t you jolly well should by now) Cybergrot.com prefers its stuff to have the patina of age, to show the wear and tear that years, nay–decades of use can bring. The word ‘pristine’ rarely passes our lips.

Relish this folks! What more perfect gift – for the soon-to-become-espoused? This smashing (and smashed – well only slightly) arm-band bears the apposite phrase - LOOK-OUT. We date this probably to the 1930s or 1940s or possibly slightly earlier or later (is that vague enough for you?) and suspect it may relate to the railways. Who cares? This comes with its original leather strap. Before rushing to your piggy bank, check out the photo for the damage – which we think enhances this choice item.

Enamelled metal.

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