a bit cheesy


Donít you just LOVE these corny candlesticks?

Forget about branching silver candelabra, eschew the imitation Corinthian column in purest brass, ignore the art nouveau Tudric in deadly pewter.

Now is the time to defy convention and put a pair of feet on your dinner table. 

Quite frankly we have no idea what they are made of Ė we think they might be very hard wood Ė but they are quite cold and sound a bit more like ceramic. We donít care and neither should you for it is not the substance that is interesting here it is their unutterable charm. Each foot has the big toe saucily raised.

Old? Maybe not

Clean? Certainly not

Yours? Sure thing - for only a sixer Ė thatís not each itís for the pair.

Each foot is just over 4 inches - and if that is not a contradiction in terms we don't know what is!


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