DSCG Arts and Crafts Two-handled Bowl


We are proud to offer you this elegant two handled bowl – a rare item from the short lived Duchess of Sutherland’s Cripples Guild (!). Rest assured it was not the Duchess who was short lived…. (kicked the bucket at 88) …….. but the Guild which was set up in the late 1890s and was defunct  by 1923.

And if you are wondering whether it was once silver plated………. well quite frankly we are wondering that too. The guild worked in copper (which our bowl is – largely) and silver plate and silver…. So who knows?

However much as the more long winded among us are itching to do we are not going to give you an interminable essay about Millicent Duchess of Sutherland – if you want the full works go and look it up for yourselves.

The short story is that she set up a Guild in 1898 to provide medical treatment for crippled (ok not a pc word but one which was used at the time) children from the potteries and to provide them with a craft or trade.  Art metalwork began in 1902 and closed in 1922.

Pieces made by this guild are marked DSCG under a crown as indeed is ours, and items from this niche Arts and Crafts workshop are becoming increasingly collectable. 

Diameter of bowl about 6½ inches

Diameter with handles about 9½ inches

Height of bowl about 4 inches

Height with handles just over 5½ inches

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