Pair of Hollow Stemmed Claret Glasses (c.1760)


Who ever invented these must be bonkers!  As you can see from the photo the claret goes right down inside the stem… what a nightmare for the washer-upper.  Deeply unhygienic we fear unless you can rely on the alcohol to kill the bugs…. And talking of bugs we found a dead beetle at the bottom of one of these and had the devil of a job getting it out.

How do we know what they are? Blind faith I suppose. They came with a small slip of paper written in pencil in a trembling hand….with the description above on it….. Being trusting coves we go along with it…..

If you know better please let us know….

Meanwhile, buy them – they would make a great gift and, apart from the odd beetle-leg, are in perfect condition. Pontil mark has been ground away (see photo) – well it would be wouldn’t it – these are posh glasses.

Height 5¼ inches

Across the bowl 2¾ inches

The price is for the pair - we will not separate them but we might reduce them... visit the negotiator...


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