Exquisitely carved Solitaire Board


Now listen up folks, what we at Cybergrot.com don’t know could be fitted easily on the back of a postage stamp…  So now, using the vast knowledge at our disposal we are presenting you with a conundrum (Kindly note that we are using this word with its 18th century meaning, rather than its late Tudor one)

Is this item a fake, or is it a work of art in its own right or both? 

Let’s look at the evidence

In its favour:

1) It is lovely, well made, and heavy

2) It appears to be made of slate (we actually think it is)

3) The incised pictures – nautical in theme - are exquisitely done

4) It is signed John Adams

5) The images purport to be late 18th/early 19th century

6) The slate appears to be aged

BUT: We have every reason to believe that John Adams is still alive.

So is this a fake designed to deceive? Or is it a beautifully made thing in the style of the olden days….? We leave this decision up to you but our feeling is that as the maker has signed it with his own name it is the latter.

 Incidentally the Latin inscription reads e pluribus unum.. from many, one… (or somesuch) which of course is not only the motto of the USA but also the purpose of the old fashioned solitaire game… which – for those of you who are profoundly ignorant has nothing whatsoever to do with cards or computers.

This slate board comes with no marbles (don’t we all?) however we have a set of Old English Spirals for sale elsewhere on this site – together they would make a truly wonderful present.


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