Reading Amateur Regatta 1877



The History of the Reading Amateur Regatta starts in 1877 and this is a trophy awarded to one of the winning crew of this the FIRST EVER race.

It is made of purest silver and has the following inscription:

 Reading Amateur Regatta 1877 2

Won by

Kingston Rowing Club

1) H.C McAlpine

2) A.G Ridout

3) J Quilley

4) C.D. Heatley

5) F.R. Adams

6) A R.H. Saunders

7) A.Crabbe

8) M.P. Phillips

T Walton Cox

This has been in the same family since 1877 and we are convinced that it has the privilege of being one of only 9 ever made and as such is a collector’s item of some considerable merit and interest not to mention intrinsic value (yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

This mug is not in mint condition. It has a few small dents and it has been over-cleaned (presumably by a proud mother). We have not cleaned it.

Offers considered. 

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