Very special Victorian Halfpenny


This item is so rare ……… so very rare ……… we have never clapped eyes on one before - ever.  And we bet you haven’t either. And before you start getting excited we would like to make one thing QUITE CLEAR.  If you are a criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, spiv, hoodlum, confidence trickster, extortionist, desperado, rogue, knave, racketeer or thief, kindly read no further.  We will only sell this thing to one who is pure in heart, has an abundance of moral fibre and is capable of resisting all temptation.

‘What is going on?’ we hear you cry.   

What we have here is a genuine, very old, very well rubbed and used, two headed Victorian halfpenny.  Yes we mean it.  It is two headed. Toss the coin, call ‘tails’ and we absolutely guarantee that you will lose. 

Showing this item on Cybergrot has proved challenging but if you compare one side of the coin (photo 1) with the other side of the coin (photo 2 below) you will see …….. yes…… they are exactly the same.  So there you are – proof positive.

Working (cynically) on the assumption that the purchaser of this coin is likely to be from the list above we have decided that some of the profits they will doubtless make should come our way so we have priced this little number accordingly.

Don’t bother to negotiate – if you do, the price will go up.



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