A clock that doesn't work


“But we already have several of those” we hear you cry! 

Yes?  But we bet you have not got one that looks like this…! 

Crammed with period charm – 1920s or 30s at a guess – this stylish green ceramic number has every imperfection you could wish for… Clock face discoloured, movement not working, the china part cracked (underneath so not visible) and chipped (not very).

On either side of the face two black and white transfer prints of ikkle children on tippy toes…… how delightful! The base also has a black and white border that does not quite go all the way round…

Okay so we are playing ‘knock the clock’ but actually if you pop on your rose tinted specs for a moment – this item has some considerable potential. …. Get the ole mechanism working, wash its face, a few remedial moments spent on the chips and you would end up with something so stylish you might instantly become the envy of all your friends, make an advantageous marriage and live happily ever after…. (We cannot guarantee that last bit.)

Height 6¼ inches, width 8¾ inches, depth 2½ inches.

Clock this: the price negotiator might listen to an offer.

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