Blue and White Smithereens

If you are a jig-saw whiz then this is for you……..2 more or less identical blue and white plates smashed to smithereens buy two careless gentlemen from the lekky board while moving a fuse box!  We reckon they are 18th or early 19th century… We think there are two of them (too many edge pieces for one… ?)

You could have endless hours of fun sorting them out and piecing them together…

We neither guarantee that there are two, nor that every single piece is there!

Good huh?

But at £10 for the lot…… what better bargain can you find?

For those of you of an etymological bent the word smithereens comes from the Irish Gaelic smidirÎn - the diminutive of smiodar,  meaning small fragment.   It means a collection of fragments or splintered pieces considered as a whole.  The commonest example we found: “The fragile dish broke into smithereens.”  How true!  Curiously we found other examples that included "Berlin was bombed to smithereens"; "his hopes were dashed to smithereens"; "I wanted to smash him to smithereens"; "the toilet bowl was blown to smithereens".  We did not write those examples and have little hope for the person who did.


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