A Fan (c.1912)


A Fabulous Fragile Folding Fan

This fan dates from the late 19th early 20th century It is probably Edwardian.

The guard, sticks and ribs we think are ivory because they are very smooth-grained but it could, we suppose, just possibly be bone.

The leaves seem to be very, very fine muslin laid on stiff paper an oval of paper has been removed in every section to provide muslin peepholes -you could put this fan in front of your face and still see what was going on!

The fan is delicately hand painted with swathes of leaves and flowers in pretty pinks and pale greens and the whole is embellished with tiny sewn-on silvery sequins.

This is a very pretty fan - so we assume that it was a really ugly person who owned it!

It is in a very frail condition there are holes here and there, the odd tear and the top edge is a bit nibbled.

It has its original box.

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