A Wine Funnel



We are proud to be able to offer this delectable pewter wine funnel. It has a decorative frieze filched from those designed by William Morris for his works of Chaucer (1896).

What is special and unique about ours it that its previous owner was clearly a bit too fond of the paint stripper and it has a distinct bash on one side and the pointy bit veers to the left (or right depending - we suspect this may be part of the original design or not as the case may be.) Whatever who cares it needs a good and loving (even if not sober) home.

These things retail at 55. Ours is therefore a fantastic bargain even though it has no sieve with which to filter out wine sediment, cork fragments, dead flies etc but we guess you could probably get one to fit.

From the V&A collection

Made by Royal Selangor

Damaged by Previous Owner

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