Old Bottle


This is a very old bottle. At least we think it may be old…. But it may be a modern joke……Who knows? Who cares? 

Whatever the age, it is a symphony of asymmetry with a cadenza of drunken overtones… Note the dent in one side and the neck which is distinctly skew-whiff.

A damaged seal on the side indicates that it once held Armagnac* ….. Sadly this spirit now exists only in spirit (if you see what we mean?) Well not sadly really because if it were full we would be breaking the law selling it……. And we might end up in Dartmoor.  However there is nothing to stop you re-filling it – but you will need to find a new cork.

The condition is a bit rough but it is brandy tight and looks it.

About 9½ inches high – probably holds 75cl.

*A grape brandy from south-western France aged in casks of black oak from Gascony.

If you buy it this could read ‘A grape brandy from Tesco served from a dark green joke bottle from Cybergrot.’

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